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*****5 Stars: "Opened the box, watched the minute & a half video on their site, did test and got my time from start to finish was less than 10 minutes! Highly recommended...Robert O.
*****5 Stars: "A Must for Renters...I was moving into a new apartment and suspected there was a mold issue in the kitchen under the sink. A few days after signing the lease I bought this mold test kit and sure enough - there were problems. I took the mold test results to the owner and had them take care of the problem, and most importantly, not blame me for it!"...D T.
*****5 Stars: "What I needed at a good price received sooner than promised”....Glen T.
*****5 Stars:"Wow - highly recommend this product if you have concern about mold in your home. My landlord agreed to reimburse me for the cost of this item, as it saved him the trouble and cost of hiring a professional before we even knew for sure what we were dealing with. Very easy to follow the directions and results in 5 minutes. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone"... Nicole N.
***** 5 Stars: Easy to use, immediate results. I definitely recommend this product."....Debra L.
*****5 Stars: "Shipped the same day and arrived quickly well packaged. If you have concerns over mold I would highly recommend this product. It performs as advertised and contains good instructions to use"....Jim
Made in the USA
Do you suspect a mold problem in your home or office
but are hesitant to call an inspector?

mold test kit

In less than five minutes you can rule out the presence of unhealthy mold yourself...

At substantial savings over a
professional inspection! 

And Much Less Expensive than other
Mold Testing Kits...

No messy culture plates or
 waiting for lab reports!
In Stock

 Single Kit - $44.99
(USPS Domestic Shipping Included)
Includes Free Consultation with a Positive Result

Like No Other Mold Test Kit On the Market!

Click on our 90-Second Instructional Video Below!
  • Detects over 32 different unhealthy mold species


  • Does not detect common everyday molds.


  • Three quick steps: sample area, snap bulb to wet and add directly to test.


  • Validated at an AIHA-accredited laboratory.


  • Proven, U.S. patented mold detection technology.


  • Includes Free Consultation.


  • Like no other mold test kit on the market!
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